About Us

About Sundance Animal Hospital

Vet holding a dog

Dr. Coles has always wanted to be a Veterinarian. She loved animals and was fascinated by science and nature at a young age. When she was 5 years old, she lost a beloved cat. The kind veterinarian patted her on the head and said “little girl, have your Mother get you another kitty”. Those words changed her life and she vowed to become a veterinarian and never ever say those words to another grieving child. Even after 33 years of practicing medicine, she has kept that vow.

Dr. Coles believes every pet is a special gift, like no other and is not easily replaced. “Pets show us how to love unconditionally, how to care for something other than ourselves, how to enjoy and live in the moment, how to not complain, how to be faithful to the end and how to be human and humane. I consider it an honor to provide care for such a gift.”

When you walk through the door of Sundance Animal Hospital you will find a dedicated and sincere veterinarian who will work hard to keep you and your pet happy and healthy for as long as possible. She and her husband (Larry) welcome the opportunity to serve you.

Our Mission:

At Sundance we aspire to provide proactive and compassionate care for your beloved pet…to be the bright spot in your pet’s life-long pursuit of wellness and health.

Our Guiding Statements:

  • Every pet is special and our treatment of pets and their family members is reflected in the visit.
  • Focused team approach for optimum pet care is our priority.
  • We treat each pet as if our own, they are our family too.